General Terms and Conditions


Vaper Tip pods, cartridges, all-in-one assemblies, are altogether “Vaporizer Consumables”. Vaper Tip chargers, or power supplies are altogether “Power Supplies”. These categories combined are the Vaporizer Products. 

Vaper Tip makes no warranties to Products that are in any way combined or bonded with any components or devices other than those supplied by Vaper Tip. The replacement of any defective Product will be with a like-kind Product. 

If a Vaper Tip Product is eligible for warranty pursuant to the terms and conditions hereunder, Vaper Tip, in its sole discretion, will (1) exchange the defective Product, component, assembly or part with the same or a comparable product; or (2) refund.

Warranty Procedures

2.1 For Consumers/Retail Purchasers. If you have purchased your Authentic Vaper Tip Product from an Authorized Vaper Tip Retailer, Reseller or Distributor, You must contact the original place of purchase to handle all Warranty Claims. Submit your original Receipt. 

All purchases directly from Vaper Tip, are to be brought directly to Vaper Tip for evaluation, at support@vapertip.com. 

2.2 For Businesses/Wholesale Purchasers. If you have purchased your warrantied Vaper Tip Product from an Authorized Reseller, or Distributor, you must initiate that return process with that Authorized Reseller, or Distributor. Your warranty rights exist solely through that Authorized Reseller or Distributor. 

For Warrantied Products purchased directly from Vaper Tip, contact Vaper Tip directly at support@vapertip.com. The Vaper Tip Customer Support Department determines if the product is eligible under the Warranty set forth hereunder, for an exchange or refund. 

All returned Products require Return Merchandise Authorization Number to be issued to you along with shipping instructions. The RMA Number must be visible on the exterior of the package containing the returned Goods in order to be physically received by the warehouse. Issuance of a RMA Number does not mean that Vaper Tip will necessarily accept the warranty claim as valid. Conditions which make a Product ineligible for warranty may be identified upon Vaper Tip’s receipt of the returned Products. 

If you have any questions regarding the Warranty Procedures as described above, please contact your nearest Authorized Vaper Tip Retailer, Reseller, or Distributor, or the Vaper Tip Customer Support Department at support@vapertip.com.

Warranty of Products

3.1 Warranty of Products. All Vaporizer Products purchased from an Authorized Vaper Tip Retailer, Reseller or Distributor or directly from Vaper Tip are warrantied, for a period of six (6) months from the date of delivery, to be free from defects in function, material and workmanship. 

The obligation of Vaper Tip under this Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts, components, and assemblies that are determined by Vaper Tip to be defective. Products replaced under this Warranty are warranted for the unexpired portion of the original Warranty. Regarding Power Supplies, this Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. 

Vaper Tip shall not be obligated or liable under this Warranty for any Products that have any, Non-Authorized repairs, alterations, maintenance and upgrades. Vaper Tip is not obligated or liable under this Warranty to any Products that have been misused, treated with abuse or negligence, not properly handled or stored, not properly packaged (by the original Buyer) to prevent damage when shipping, or otherwise used improperly. 

3.2 Vaper Tip Vaporizer Product Limited Warranty and Compatibility with Extracts. This Warranty excludes incompatibility of materials with the fluid being loaded into the Vaporizer Products. Reimbursement for the replacement of contents contained within any Vaper Tip Product are excluded by this Warranty. 

3.4 Chemical Compatibility. Some Vaper Tip Consumables use high grade Polycarbonate (PC) for the tank. Polycarbonate is known to have great material resistance to chemical degradation. Many different products from extraction have been used successfully in Vaper Tip Vaporizer Products. Due to the known variation in extracts, Vaper Tip cannot be responsible for chemical compatibility with any extract. 

Botanical Extractions and vape formulations have great variation in composition. While infrequent, extracts exist that will not function properly or have an adverse reaction in

Vaper Tip Vaporizer Consumables. These incompatibilities end up costing time and money when they are discovered on the production line. 

In order to eliminate potential losses due to discovery of an incompatibility during production, we strongly suggest that you test your extract or vape formulation in Vaper Tip Vaporizer Consumables before you go to production. Incompatibility with materials in the Vaporizer Consumable are not covered by this Warranty. This applies to existing and new customers alike. For testing compatibility with Vaper Tip Consumables, we can supply sample quantities and a suggested test protocol is detailed hereunder. We are confident that we can supply a Vaporizer Consumable that will meet your needs, but we cannot guarantee every permutation.

Limitation of Liability

4.1 Test Protocol Minimum Recommended Units. 

  1. Fill at least 10 Vaporizer Consumables with extract using the filling procedure supplied with the Vaporizer Product samples.
  2. Allow the Vaporizer Consumables to stand upright with the mouthpiece pointing upwards for a few minutes. Cap the tank and secure upright position.
  3. Allow the Vaporizer Consumable to remain standing for 24 hours. Inspect for cracks and leaks. Photograph any cracks or leaks. Send photos to support@vapertip.com.
  4. When necessary connect a Vaper Tip Consumable to an Authentic Vaper Tip power supply to test to the Consumable.

4.2 Limitations on Warranties for All Vaper Tip Products. If a Vaper Tip Product is purchased from any Seller other than an Authorized Retailer, Reseller or Distributor, or directly from Vaper Tip, the warranties set forth above do not apply, and in such event Vaper Tip Disclaims all Warranties for such Product, Including Warranties of Merchantability and Functionality for a particular purpose. 

With respect to all Vaper Tip Products eligible for Warranty pursuant to the terms stated above, any repaired or replacement product will be warranted from the date of purchase of the original product from an authorized Vaper Tip retailer, reseller or distributor, or directly from Vaper Tip, not from the repair or replacement date. 


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